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Shaiya Anubis Episode 5
Shaiya Anubis Episode 5

The Most Played Episode5 --- x150 EXP, x2 KILL, Real Features from Ep 8 ,Emoji ,Best Scripts , daily updated server, no bugs Join Us Now , Weekly giveaways with FREE SP ,Events in all the Time Zones , Massive PvP +2 Raids on PvP Farming, Grinding , PvP Shaiya Private Server
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The Phoenix Project

2013-04-02 15:01:00

12 Classes Barbe/voida, Mage, Forta, Arden, Balo, Rayan, Celan, Free Jaden and 150x EXP Rates 30 x gold rate 25 x Drop Rate ,Refine and Assimilation Rates are increased Crossserver PVP server vs server with other participating JD servers Jade Dynasty Top 100, 200 server, Jade Dynasty Private Server, Jade Dynasty servers
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